promoting future health system sustainability

Population Health Management through Value-Based Payment is a way to promote future health system sustainability and potentially the way to end the healthcare funding crisis. Shifting the climate, culture, and standards of practice of care from emergent medicine to population health and chronic care management programs requires a complete and total modernization and overhaul of the healthcare industry.


There are many resources available on the transition to VBHC, setting up common education, understanding, and process structures to support and ease the burden through the transition into Population Health Management implementation. One of the biggest hurdles in delivering replicable quality care programs is the lack of consistency in payment modalities and covered services, as well as the understanding of the different types of alternative care and delivery models.


Myriddian provides a holistic, integrated approach solution to Population Health Management and Value-Based/Risk Adjusted Payment training, strategy planning, and workforce development. Myriddian has worked with numerous government Program and Procurement offices, federal and state agencies, and corporate partners to strengthen the knowledge, skills, and abilities of their employees. To meet the desire for interdisciplinary and cross-functional learning, our training will be provided through diverse teaching avenues and provide multiple educational opportunities.

   Let us Help You With:

  • Customizable workforce development programs
  • Strategy and implementation consulting 
  • Leadership development opportunities


  • Strong understanding and experience of healthcare process, population health management, and public health
  • Nationally Recognized Subject Matter Expertise
  • The knowledge of leveraging data, technology, and workforce for better patient outcomes.
  • Innovative partnership with Boise State University to create a workforce development certificate program to lead the nation in education on Population Health Management, healthcare cost-containment, and patient-outcome driven programs.

Population Health Management Through Value-Based Principles

Myriddian L.L.C. and Boise State’s College of Health Sciences have created an innovative first-of-its-kind partnership workforce development training and certificate program meant to prepare health care professionals for the future of care delivery.


Individuals interested in learning more about Population Health Management and Value-Based Healthcare can complete this self-directed online program to receive a certificate of training and continuing education credits. The certification features expert-led modules that instruct on critical principles and strategies in the necessary elements that comprise Population Health Management through Value-Based Care/Risk Adjusted Payment and Cost-Containment.

Value-based healthcare is a rising model in the healthcare industry where providers – like hospitals and physicians – are paid based on the quality of care provided rather than the volume of patients and services. It allows for higher-quality patient care focusing on patient outcomes while lessening the costs for both the patient and the provider.

Boise State University and their College of Health Sciences Value-Based Healthcare Program received the national 2023CAHME | George & Regina Herzlinger Innovation Education Award for their Master in Population & Health Systems Management degree program, bringing the Boise State program into the company of leading programs and institutions offering quality programming in value-based care education.

Myriddian, a Maryland-based healthcare and technology company, partners with public and private-sector organizations for population health management strategy consulting, project management and healthcare operations, data analytics, revenue cycle, communications, and workforce solutions training.

Industry Experts Creating Common Vernacular, Teaching Relevant Skills,& Basic Understanding in the Following Topics:
  •  The development of the US healthcare system, current value-based payment models, and future trends
  •  Integrating medical care with public health and population health
  •  Identifying patient risk and how to best develop best practices to produce best possible patient outcomes
  •  Improving the patient’s care experience through telehealth and other communication methods
  •  Using patient-reported measures to capture data that matter to patients
  •  Understanding Alternative Payment Models & lessons learned from previous ones
  •  Integrating behavioral health care
  •  Implementing shared decision making
  •  Improving care coordination
  •  Evaluating the effectiveness of transformation efforts in the real world
  •  Communicating transformation plans and milestones
  •  Creating a governance and oversight structure to promote rapid organizational learning  



You Will Learn Healthcare Delivery and Payment Models:
  • The history and modern implications
  • Healthcare Delivery Innovation
  • The knowledge and skills you need to know to adapt and thrive
  • Assessing Quality, Outcomes, and Cost of Innovative Patient-Centered Care
  • The application of Value-Based Principles


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