Covid-19 Emergency Response

In order to respond to COVID-19 and other current or emerging global and national events we have created a team to bring a holistic approach to disaster management. Each team member specializes in a specific niche that is broken out by the four stages of disaster recovery: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. Our team and subject matter experts have the capabilities to provide a comprehensive approach to effectively utilize, manage and deploy resources with the goal of preparing our clients for rapid containment, recovery, and communications.

Maryland Cancer RegistrY

The Maryland Cancer Registry (MCR) serves as a resource for decision making in cancer prevention and control throughout the State and for cancer research. We have significant experience with Case Finding, Case Abstracting and Coding, as well as error detection and analysis. We leverage our data scientists and our certified tumor registrars, to provide reports and analytics to MCR leadership at the State level as well as the CDC to monitor cancer in a given population. Our team of CTR’s has extensive experience supporting hospitals and reporting facilities as well as central registries for various states.